Tuesday, February 10th @ the Make It Up Club

John O'Hagan premieres his hand-written, open-source real-time-composition computer program (it starts with everything, then takes out all bits you don't want—contains no loops!); Christopher Young returns with his sublime solo bass clarinet performance; and the debut of a group featuring a trio of the MIUC’s favourite new-noise pravocateurs: Gauntlet.

  • John O’Hagan solo (algorithms and stochastic processes)
  • Chris Young solo (bass clarinet)
  • Gauntlet. Featuring: Christopher Hill (noise), Simon Taylor (noise) and Alex Vivian (noise)

The Make It Up Club


Avant Garde Improvised Music and Sound Performance

Every Tuesday night at Bar Open, 317 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy 3065

Doors at 8:30 pm


Coming up in February

Tuesday17th: Steve Heather (Berlin)

Tuesday 24th: Tom Hall (Brisbane)