LAN Party, Dive Into Ruin, Combover & mousetrapreplica play the Evelyn Saturday 28 February

LAN Party:(11:45pm)
an Party formed in the dark summer of 2004 and have since disturbed, enticed and had rough awkward sex with unassuming Melbourne audiences, whether they liked it or not. Their amalgam of uncouth yet strangely eclectic styles is viciously woven together with a violent psaz , not dissimilar to a junkie up to his eyeballs on meth refashioning a quilt behind the helm of Bernina 530 sewing machine. The group's debut long player Apology Unaccepted contains guest features from Melbourne guitar virtuoso Tim Mcmillan, as well as Bar Mckinnon (Mr.Bungle , Secret Chiefs Three).

Dive Into Ruin(10:45pm):

"It's high-octane, tongue-in-cheek, riff-laden rock with a sound somewhere between Helmet and Dick Dale..."

They are rad. See them play.


Combover are a raucous, yet polite and incredibly well nourished pack of jerks whose unhinged stage antics and bizarre sounds have delivered a short and sharp eclectic shock to the Melbourne underground music scene. Their goal? Blurring genre lines by borrowing furiously from as many different and contrasting styles as possible. Best described as experimental and wildly creative, Combover have a solid grounding in Dadaist grindcore and avant-jazz, with multi-stylistic hiccups into bent reggae, Latino tomfoolery, top 40 slaughter, drone-rock, no wave punk/funk, noise, classical influences, musique concrète and country n’ western. All this utilizing a basic a rock line-up augmented with unconventional instrumentation, including clarinet, bassoon, saxophones, junk percussion, tape manipulation, and prepared instruments to mold these genres into an unclassifiable mass that is truly their own.


mousetrapreplica is the project of Ryan McRobb, who performs on guitar and guitar synth.
He is joined by jazz/rock/experimental drummer Gareth Thomson, and recent addition Murray Pigdon on bass and electronics, creating an enormous sound palette that ranges between beautiful whispered subtleties to stadium shaking climaxes.

It's $10. Please come and be merry with us.