Sabbatical Presents: Brassskulls / Chrysalis 6/7.02.09

Sabbatical Presents 06/07.02.09: These shows centre on return visits to Victoria from Brassskulls and Chrysalis after brilliant sets in Melbourne during 2008. Please note the early start time for the second show on Saturday 7 February.

Live at Pony (68 Little Collins Street City)
at 9pm on Friday 6 February

Sabbatical presents:
Brassskulls (from Newcastle NSW)
Chrysalis (from Hobart TAS)
Marco Fusinato
Absoluten Calfeutrail
Microvom (formerly Sonand)

Live at Gulag Projects (6 Jenkin Street East Brunswick)
at 3pm on Saturday 7 February / six dollars entry
Sabbatical Presents:

Brassskulls (from Newcastle NSW)

Chrysalis (from Hobart TAS)
vs. Absoluten Calfeutrail
Ebola Disco

Oranj Punjabi