Edge Radio (Hobart) seeking submissions

forwarded from Joshua Santospirito:

My name`s Josh and i just started an experimental/genreless/
unusual/not- often-played-on-radio radio show in Hobart. It`s on Edge Radio 99.3 Sundays between 12 and 1pm. It can be streamed from the radio`s site too.

I`m hoping to play more Australian stuff on the show but my personal collection is finite - I figure you might be able to mention to any people on your blog that I`d love it if folks could send me their material. They can send it to the address on the bottom if the want. I can`t guarantee that I`ll play it (though I probably will at some point). If you know anyone who wants to send their stuff - can you just ask them to also leave a website that tells me something about them so`s I can say something about them to the Hobart world.

Joshua Santospirito
GPO Box 1272
Hobart, Tasmania
Australia 7000