Flashmob Choir - CBD - 18 Dec

forwarded from Toby Archer:
"Buy more stuff" flashmob choir

Please note that times given are approximate only
When 18-12-08 07:00 PM 18-12-08 08:00 PM 18-12-08
from 07:00 pm to 08:00 pm
Where Melbourne CBD location(s) to be announced
Contact Name Stephen Taberner
Contact Email taberner@tpg.com.au
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A message from Stephen Taberner of the Spooky Men's Chorale:

"I am happy to announce that BUY MORE STUFF! will make its world debut in Big W, Myer and other stores on Thursday Dec 18 during the evening shopping hours. This is a foolish and ironically intended anthem to consumerism, which has apparently now become a national duty.

It will be in the tradtion of "vote the bastards out", which was a grand load of useful fun and can be found at http://au.youtube.com/watch?v=vziDROl_MJo

WE NEED YOU to join the choir and become part of choral flashmob history. The rehearsal will be at Northcote Uniting Church, 251 High St at 8pm sharp, on Tuesday Dec 16th. Exact details of the actual flashmob to be released later. Lyrics and listening details follow.

if there is enough interest in a Monday rehearsal from those who can't do Tuesday, I'm willing to do that, too. Let me know.

And, oh yes, please pass this on to all subversive tuneful people wherever they may be! No need to register, or anything. Just present yourself at the appropriate time....

Eternal thank yous and a sly wink

With regard to buy more stuff, and Melbourne Central, an ambient piece we will do if we have time, here are the links for learning the parts:


These files are fully panned with the target part to the left and all others to the right. To listen to your part, turn the balance control (you can do this even on a mac for example under system preferences/sound) fully to the left, or if you have headphones, take one off. Then you can readjust to hear more of the others when you are confident.

and here are the words: (these are the correct words, rather than those in the mp3)

ooooh etc
buy more stuff!
buy more stuff!
buy more stuff!
any kind of stuff will do (stuff!)
just as long as it's brand new (stuff!)
matte or shiney, pink or blue (stuff!)
put your hand on it and feel (stuff!)
now you know you want the real (stuff!)
go down to the place that deals (stuff!)
what can we do, we think that we need it
even though we're too full to eat it
we have a beast that says we must feed it
all of the TV channels decreed it
buy more stuff, pay for it later
on your card, put it all in a
big fat house, look at it fondly
when you're done, do it all over......


viola wilkins said…
19th December Brunswick Street lunchtime...

"The Rich, The Rich, We Gotta get Rid of the Rich".

SINGING... On the fifth day of shopping,

my true love bought for me,


pre-sweated pants,

slave labour shoes,

toys made by kids,

all gifts made in sweatshops right here....

Union Solidarity Santa and anti-sweatshop campaigners FairWear visited the RICH outlet in Brunswick Street, Fitzroy, Melbourne for the annual sweat free carols. This was the second time the store was targeted: two years ago management undertook to sign up to the Homeworkers' Code of Practice following a public shaming, but according to FairWear have so far failed to honour their promise.

SOngs like "Learn to Sew! Learn To Sew! Learn To Sew!" and "Slaving in a Sweatshop Wonderland" as well as other classic Christmas tunes with better lyrics as Joe used the Salvation Army tunes and gave them IWW lyrics.

Santa turned out to be a "red" and two " elves" aka "santa helpers" dressed in blue also known as Police showed up.