The Vessel Project - Guilford Lane Gallery - 17 Dec 2008

from Rod Cooper:
The Vessel Project is a multi performer instrument which incorporates Film/Video into the instrument's structure.

Its been several years in the making and now we are ready to sail.

The project is a collaboration between artists from different backgrounds and experiences.

The first instalment on the 17th December is @ 7p.m. A 1 hour performance.

Featured Visual Artist: Dirk DeBruyn, Film and Light.

The Vessel Musicians and Builders;

Rod Cooper Metallic Construction and Percussion Anthony Magen Architectural intervention
Dale Chapman Electronic construction Alice Eldridge(UK guest) Bowed idiophones
Dale Gorfinkle Automated Sound and Percussion Ricky - Metise Merlow Automated Percussion
John Jacobs Aerial Construction and Pirate Radio

The project focusses on collaboration between musicians, instrument builders and Video artists.


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