Maximum Arousal returns this Sunday! Avenaim CD launch

The Toff, 252 Swanston St Melbourne

MAXIMUM AROUSAL presents ROBBIE AVENAIM - 'Rhythmic Movement Disorder' CD LAUNCH

Robbie Avenaim's 'Rhythmic Movement Disorder' has been a long time in the making. His debut solo release to surface in a career that stretches back to the late 1980s, collects together the better part of a decade's worth of experimentation with the possibilities of prepared percussion, irregular rhythm, modulated pulse and low-tech electronics.

Avenaim is perhaps best known for his improvised collaborations alongside the likes of Otomo Yoshihide, Oren Ambarchi and Keith Rowe. But his work explores more than improvisation and the proof lies in this incredibly detailed electro-acoustic outing. With its title referencing a particular syndrome usually associated with the involuntarily movement of limbs, the pace and form of Rhythmic Movement Disorder reflects this sense of frenetic activity. As uncontrolled as the syndrome may be however, at no point does Avenaim lose focus. Rather his effortless and articulate percussive sensibilities flex to produce a dense and tirelessly refined compositional approach that is brought to bare with stunningly rich and varied results. A rare solo performance from one Australia's true masters

Also appearing is New Zealand's Richard Francis making his only Melbourne appearance. Francis (aka Eso Steel) has been active as an experimental musician since 1996. His sound work is primarily concerned with recording and manipulating acoustic and electronic sounds from the surrounding environment. He has collaborated for recording and/or performance with many artists including Francisco Lopez, Jason Kahn, Mattin, Birchville Cat Motel, Gate, MSBR, Tetuzi Akiyama. Additionally there will be a special duo performance of expansive psychedelics from Melbourne's Ai Yamamoto & Justin K Fuller


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Anonymous said…
Eugene fucking Chadbourne??!!??

Holy fuckin' fuck!!

Much love to the people that are bringing this legend to our shores.

Ryan McRobb