Intwined - Guildford Lane Gallery - 26 Nov 2998

Curated by Tom Hall (Brisbane)

26th November
Doors open 6.30pm
Performance 7-9pm

Guildford Lane Gallery
20 – 24 Guildford Lane


Commencing with a spectacular evening on November 26th, Guildford Lane Gallery is
launching its newest program The Wednesday Project. The inaugural Project, titled
INTWINED, is curated by Brisbane media artist Tom Hall. The series is programmed to span
three consecutive Wednesdays and features a huge line-up of visual, media, sound and
performance artists.

The Wednesday Project is a dynamic new program aiming to promote marginal, peripheral and/or
ephemeral art forms. It also intends to encourage critical forums including but not limited to:
lectures, talks, music, theatre, performance and dance.

Artists will include: Robin Fox (Yokohama Triennale, Melbourne Festival and Sounds Outback
festival in WA.), Bonnie Mercer of the Grey Daturas and Tom Hall himself (Nasic Square Gallery,
Open Frame Festival, Otherfilm Festival, Perth International Arts Festival) amongst many others.
These artists are extreme adventurers who combine themes of improvisation, experimentation,
collaboration, science contemporary theatre and other visceral elements drawn from everyday
music, life, culture and art. Placing an importance on new discoveries which will challenge you to
see hear and exist within art in an entirely different way.

[Session #2 of INTWINED takes place on 3 December, and Session #3 on 10 December]

Thanks to Café 434 and Melaleuca Wines for making this session delicious and possible!

Further Information:

INTWINED Session #1 Curated by Tom Hall
Bum Creek
Tom Hall (Brisbane)
Mark Reid (Visuals)
Marco Cher-Gibard


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