Daggers Midflight @ Noise Bar

Friday November 28th with:
Daggers Midflight / Radiant City / Zac Keiller / Little Killing
@ Noise Bar. $7.00. 291 Albert St. Brunswick. 93801493.
Music starts @ 8:30pm.

About the bands:

DAGGERS MIDFLIGHT features members of Spider Goat Canyon and fellow Melbourne bands Computer Dying and Hotel Wrecking City Traders. The ensemble was formed as an outlet for the friends to sink their collective fangs into stretched-out jams of all improvised ultra space-sludge-metal containing crunchy riffs that turn into heaving, repetitious trances of slow, intense drumming, hypnotic grinding drones, feedback solos, dissonant chiming rhythm guitars, and rumbling amplifier ambience.

RADIANT CITY are a Melbourne guitar and drums duo, they also aren't afraid to rock. With a sound both intimate and huge. the group features an innate sense of dynamics and melody to somehow create a cavalcade of sound with the capacity to both lull and shock the senses resulting in a delicious concoction of moody atmospherics and visceral, reverb-drenched fuzz.

ZAC KEILLER is a Melbourne musician of many persuasions, working mainly with the guitar for over ten years and over thirty recorded works. Relying on very few effects and a strong physicality with the guitar, his sound-scapes have run the gamut of solitary soundtrack music, dense ambient drones, and Neil Young inspired mountains of noise, sometimes all within the same song!

LITTLE KILLING are a Melbourne based two piece with tribal/rock drum beats and a guitar sound that can strip paint of the walls. Songs range from melodic tunes to up tempo big beat with a slight Asian flavour now and then.