Audio Actions inaugural show

The inaugural Audio Actions shall be held at Gertrudes Brown Couch on Saturday November 8th with performances by The Boats, Retail Fireworks, Infinite Decimals and Ensemble of Shades - who feature Zac Keiller, Barnaby Oliver and Don Rogers among others. An early start of 8:30pm has been especially chosen to fit in all of the excellent music peformances created for this night and its accompanying CD!

Volume = Colour will preview 'Field' - a light panel installation work in progress, consisting of a painting which takes place over several panels each being illuminated via the flicker of decaying flourescent lights. This installation wil act as the visual backdrop to the Infinite Decimals performance on the night.

To celebrate this wonderful event, an Audio Actions compilation CD, featuring over 30 minutes of unheard music from the artists performing on the night, will be given away free to first 40 folks through the door - documenting this most excellent occasion!

A truly splendid celebration of Melbourne independent instrumental music and visuals will be had - come join in the fun!