This Wednesday 29/10/08 @ Horse Bazaar...Heathen Skulls/Stutter - Pig Destroyer (US) Party!!!

Scott Hull + Blake Harrison are 2 members of Virginia's wildest and most brutal death grind band. They're called Pig Destroyer are they're utterly awesome. In a very rare and quite possibly their first performance together, Scott and Blake are going to do delve into the world of improvised trickery and perform as a duo. Using guitar, sampler and pedals, what ever it ends up being it'll be brutal!

Breathing Shrine is Bonnie Mercer and Robert Mayson of Grey Daturas. Reflecting on their musical adventures together circa 2005 - 2006 when they toured the US a few times as a duo. BS is an improvised, art noise, rock project that features guitar, bass, drums + tons of sweet pedals and other stuff.

Black Widow is the solo project of Robert MacManus of Grey Daturas. He plays improvised avant-garde guitar, junk with a loop pedal and a few other toys.

Scratchplate + Robin Fox in their first ever duo performance together, will be manipulating various devices, intrumentation and vocals. Expect a glorious, noisy surprise!!

Absoluten Calfeutrail is the solo project of one Mark Groves. He projects his mind over matter onto the audience via the use of a microphone and a million tools of the trade, those being various pedals, contact mics and other forms of sound related devices.

dj The Crusher of Catacomb Carousel fame ''...will be rockin kraut/psych/prog/space/freak folk/Jap Rock/cosmic Jazz/exotica/Outsider and any other way out tunes from other times and places...'' before, between and maybe even after the sets.

@ Horse Bazaar, 397 Little Lonsdale Street, Melbourne.

8:30 PM
$10 on the door

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