SINGING SADIE @ Stutter - Horse Bazaar - Sunday 5/10/08

Stutter will be presenting 2 special Sunday shows involving touring artists from the Melbourne Fringe Festival & Electrofringe.
The first of these shows will be this Sunday the 5th of October:

Singing Sadie (Dualplover/Sydney) If you have not yet seen her renditions of some of your old favourite dance band tunes, you can expect to be delighted with some very tuneful singing and high skill tap dance.If you are lucky she will dance with you, the luckier still get to ring her bells.
She has a few new songs to bring along on this trip to Stutter, people will no doubt be lining up to hear ''My gangrenous guy'' and ''Are you going my way? (I'll pay)''

The Charles Ives Singers are...David Palliser....alto saxophone, vocals; Alexis Ensor....multihorns, vocals, garden hose & can of peaches; Victor Meertens....lambophone, goataphone, vocals & baguetteoboe. The Charles Ives Singers take their cue from natural selection, mostly the history of the vinyl record & a wondering albatross.The theatre of war has also proved fruitful for sound bites.

Paul Kidney & Guests - Paul Kidney (Psychedelic man about town) will be growling & groaning to the sounds of? A glorious noisy surprise!

Easter Island - Emanating from the mists comes a sound... what is that? drums? voices?The silent monoliths have their own music and this may be it. Like a paralytic Martin Denny and a hallucinating King Tubby jamming on a moonlit volcano....

Xian of Crimestoppers fame aka dj Sintoon will be playing Greasy R'n'B, Showtunes, Flamboyant 70's Classical Barbarian Film Themes & Various Exotica between the acts

@ Horse Bazaar, 397 Little Lonsdale Street, Melbourne.
6PM start
$7 on the door

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