Radio - Melbourne Out/Impro Jazzcore on this Sunday night's Night Air from 9:05pm

forwarded from John Jacobs:


This Sunday night The Night Air features guest selector DJ Paul Kidney and his selection of the best of Melbourne's out-jazz-impro music.
We'll hear from:

Bucketrider, The Grey Daturas, Wanders, Henderson, O'Dwyer, Bauer, Moore, Pateras & Thomas, Bone Sheriff, Chris Smith & Justin Fuller, Tom Fryer & Cat Hope, Embers, Front of Van, Candlesnuffer, Rod Cooper, Pateras, Baxter & Brown and Bowl of Dick.

Climb into the improvised world of sonic imagination.

If you're in Melbourne tune in to 621 kilohertz on the Amplitude Modulation band from 9:05 PM on ABC Radio National.