Next Wednesday the 8th of October @ Stutter...

  • Gid
  • Abre Ojos
  • SxSxSx
  • Robin Fox Laser Show

Gid - A video-performance where perception is challenged. By intentionally deconstructing media and performance space, the work tries to enhance the media that constitutes a live performance and explores the boundaries between the real and the hyper real of our media saturated society.

Abre Ojos is improvised sound and vision for dystopian meditation created using analogue modular synthesis, temporally shifted video and death metal vocals. Abre ojos is a Portuguese sailing term when moving through dangerous waters meaning ''watch out'' or ''open your eyes''.

SxSxSx - Stephen Richards, Steve Law and Sean Baxter - synth, laptop, sax, percussion - fractured, blasting noise!

Robin Fox will turn Horse Bazaar into an intersecting maelstrom of light and sound wielding two lasers and the in-house surround system.

@ Horse Bazaar
397 Little Lonsdale Street,
6PM start
$5 on the door

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