Next Wednesday the 22nd of October @ Stutter...

Ben Byrne is a Melbourne based musician, writer and curator. He has just begun work towards a doctorate addressing the history of research into the nature of sound as an attempt to ontologise sound and seeking to understand sound instead as fundamentally potential and unknowable. In solo performances he uses a reel-to-reel tape recorder, mixer and effects to construct a visceral, improvised music from the barest of elements, relying only the potential of a limited palette of incidental sounds, tape noise and feedback.

Galactagogue - "Cumscum for the disgruntled or otherwise nonplussed. Galactagogue supports open air lactation and yaks rights. Come pet at the standard stream''

Molten Metal vs The Department of Fabriculture
Raw & Data.
A Primary Production write off Aural/Visual/Kinetic aktion.
A Royal Australian Mint $0 coin manufacturing process.
The economic downturn churns cyber space.
Look up between my legs. Watch me shake my money makers.
Aluminium. Lead. Tin. Wood. Wheat. Wool. Fat. Fur. Fuck.

All physical processes augmented by a chaotic network of 16 x thermodynamic meTal processors. Introducing, and inviting speculation upon, three elements imported from the Ludean micronation :- [Nm] : [Pt] : [Sy]]

DJ It's Is, playing inappropriately smooth and abrasive music before, between and after sets.

@ Horse Bazaar, 397 Little Lonsdale Street, Melbourne
8:30 PM
$7(Full) + $5(Conc) on the door

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