Arabic Numeral (Any Integer) - Make It Up club - 22 July

forwarded from Barnaby Oliver:

Multiple simultaneous realisations of La Monte Young's legendary 'Arabic Numeral (Any Integer)'. Featuring:

Ned Colette
Jess Pinney (Johnny Saw Horses)
The Crystal Set
Mark Cauvin
Andrew Macintosh (aka Screwtape)
Don Rogers (Faspeedelay, Volume=Colour et al)
Mike Dawe
Anthea Caddy
Troy Naumoff (Ants)
Tarquin Manek
Hugh McSpedden

Directed by Barnaby Oliver
Tuesday July 22nd, 9pm
Make It Up Club @ Bar Open

La Monte Young's 'Arabic Numeral (Any Integer)' (1960, aka 'X (to Henry Flynt)') might be described a cornerstone of experimental and minimalist music. The score consists of a single written instruction - to repeat a sound every 1 or 2 seconds as accurately as possible for a long time. Previously realised only as a solo performance, we are presenting the piece as a continuum of solo and ensemble interpretations, utilising double bass, found objects, clarinet, banjo, live video and other media, all performed by a diverse cross-section of Melbourne's experimental music community.