Beats N Bleeps - Glitch Bar - 20 June

forwarded from Scott Baker:

Beats N Bleeps
- the bi-monthly experimental night at Glitch Bar & Cinema is on again this Friday night 20th June. This month is all about the drone with musique concrète scene veterans Team Red, doombient noise act abre ojos and ambient legends Normal Science playing in the cinema. DJ's Hesius Dome and Red Eye express in the front bar.

Fri 20th June @ Glitch Bar & Cinema 9.00pm - 1.00am
318 St George's Road North Fitzroy $5 entry

Hesius Dome (aka Simon Polinski)


Modex said…
How does one get to play at one of these events? I can't find any contact details anywhere - is it an exclusive 'invite only' thing or something?
scott said…
@ modex-

hi, i'm only playing there so i can't be certain, but you can contact the organiser thru his myspace:

the other thing to do is go along to the nights and meet peeps, the blips n bleeps is small and friendly!

scott (