Venues/Spaces/Cellars In Melbourne Discussion

Hello All
Well, I'm hoping we can all have bit of a chat about places in Melbourne to perform and host what ever it is that you do under the 'experimental' tag. A discussion about your favourite spaces, bars with casual bookers or perhaps that hidden World War II bunker you've just found. I'm really interested in hearing what is happening outside the City / Inner North, especially out West.


Anyway, here some of my favourites...

Forepaw - Blank shop front in Northcote. No bored bar staff and no pushy booker, cause there ain't either. Guy who runs it is pretty damn laid back. Drinks served by the bottle shop up the road. 'Bands' kind of get lost in the sound of the place, but for anything 'intricate' the space is great. Amazed it's lasted this long.

Afterdark - Small bar getting close to Thornbury. Strange layout and Foo Fighters are always being played between acts. Besides that, they keeps having our type back, so one can't complain. Never had any hassle with the bar staff / owners, which is always nice. Home to Sabbatical's monthly night.

Bar Open - Fitzroy. Yeah it's Bar Open, but a decent guarantee to do free shows on a Wednesday or Thursday night, very rare indeed. The sound set up is very adequate, even if the left and right are in different rooms. Staff are OK, booker is cool in my dealings. Of course, home to MIUC.

Horse Bazaar - Small bar in the city. As I'm sure we all know, home to Stutter. Once again, a good space for more smaller acts, but have seen some great large/loud acts there too. Host of MIBEM closing party, which was an excellent night. Then there is the whole visual set-up...

Wormfood said…
Not a big fan of Horse Bazaar. Appreciate the fact that they're doing it, but it's basicly a glorified bar, not an actual venue space. Punters completely ignored the performers last time I was there.

What about Fitzroy Community Art Centre? There's been some good events there, and some great venue space for the experimentally inclinded.
Matt said…
There is the Rechabite Hall in Northcote. It's a nice space...Also the references to WWII bunkers and 'experimental' bring to mind this recent post on Subtopia. Frightening.

(The stuff related to sound begins about 1/2 way through the post.)
*(RE)Posting this at SPIT's request, as he's been having trouble posting here. Darn computers...*

Firstly, thanks to Marcus. I've been wanting to have this discussion with some like-minded souls for awhile but just don't seem to come across them. Like-minded souls I mean.

All the places you mention are great, most of the exciting stuff I have seen in Melbourne has been at these spaces. Catfood Press on Lygon Sreet has had some gigs I hear (not that I have been to any very sadly). Irenes in Brunswick(ditto)........Mechanics Hall on Sydney Road?

I have been thinking about doing a series of launderette shows. Think about it. A space open all hours, a free plug point (if you can find one), well lit and mostly easy to get to and find. Use the internet and cellphones for a good use and do viral publicity. Get a few people there, do a quick set-up and play. And somebody kicks you out, no harm done.

Carparks. Same idea but maybe scout out a plug point or do something battery powered or acoustic. Or use cars and a car lighter adaptor for the same purpose. Do rec-on to see if there is any security dudes hanging around.......etc,etc,etc....

I am going to do some trial runs and see if I get any hassles. Anyone who wants to tag along once I have figured it out, please feel free to be involved. I will post a bulletin on this site.


Mark Groves said…
Ryan/Spit, if you get this Laundrette show idea happening, please keep me in mind. I would love to be involved.

To be honest, for harsh sonics my preference is for Pony and The Tote. I love the PAs in these spaces! Pony's mono beast is a particular favourite when handled by a knowledgable mixer.
Dan said…
Catfood Press is great- the large room in Irene's Warehouse is perfect for high volume too... that and Forepaw would be my favourite places to play.

The Old Bar (run by the same dudes who own Afterdark) is also partial to the occasional experimental show, and like the Afterdark, never any hassles.

Ryans Launderette idea is a good one- i know some kids who have done this quite regularly in brisbane and never had any trouble. Would def love to be involved. Apparently there are some abandoned cellars under buildings on King St if you can get into em with a generator.. however I've never been able to find them. Oh well.
Yes, count me in on any 'Launderette' show.

Basements of King St. - That is just too good.

Remember, if your only running a couple of amps and bit of gear, a 12V SLA battery and an DC to 240VAC Inverter will give you the power you need.

Side note - went to FAVAC at the Footscray Arts Centre tonight. Another interesting space worth checking out.