This Wednesday the 21st of May - Stutter @ Horse Bazaar

Casey Rice - "Mr. 7% And The Chair Sniffer Meets Designer Inna Horse Box"

The Leak aka When Worlds Collide - Adam Nash (Australia Council Second Life artist-in-residence) and Greg
Wadley.(Hi God People, Uni of Melbourne) will perform a thirty-minute music and movement piece in the virtual world Second Life. They will pilot their avatars around Adam's "Seventeen Unsung Songs" installation, located on an island in Second Life. Adam has filled the island with immersive audiovisual sculptures that are played by Second Life residents who trigger sounds and animations as they navigate within the sculptures. Sound and vision will be broadcast into the real world via the Horse Bazaar audiovisual system.

Sasha Margolis ( y35.3/automating) -
"downbeat dance mess using contact mics, ice and a music box"

Dj Dylan Martorell - "dj set through effects pedals / rainbow vomit cavalcade of optomistic pessimism or alternative soundtrack to Pasolinis "Oedipus Rex".

@ Horse Bazaar
397 Little Lonsdale Street,
8:30 PM
$5 on the door