Next Wednesday the 14th of May @ Stutter:

Christina Tester/ Bonnie Hart/ Chris Nylstock - Witness the transformative and inspiring genius of Nylstoch / Hart / Tester as they explore new ways to manipulate the illusion of Time-Space cognition with 'KARAOKE FOR IMPROVISORS' for more info

Jason Heller - Utilising structures of bass heavy dub, Jason will be playing an improvised set, utilizing cracked electronics, feedback loops, and effects. Also drawing on minimal drones, hi-frequency ear shattering and sideways glances.

Emile Zile - Videos from YouTube are sourced that deal with grief. Tribute videos to the deceased cut with iMovie or pasted together in Windows Movie Maker. The videos I appropriated all use the song 'I'll be missing you' by Puff Daddy, which is structured around a sampled chorus and melody from a track originally released by The Police in 1983.These tribute videos were cut together to create a seamless 25 minute composition of the one song, with changing visuals made by the uploaders. The constant repetition of a three minute pop tune turns a Top40 love song into an oppressive and suffocating paean to the departed. An emotive amateurish pastiche of low-resolution digital camera snapshots, webcam freeze frames and badly-lit portraits at in public. The live element consists of me affecting the sound in various ways, using equalisation, loop pedals and effects to make the presence of the sound dynamic and ever-changing.

Dj Downpat - Pat O'Brien will be playing records and cds. He will also be performing a 10 minute audio/visual revelatory mix in his last set.

@ Horse Bazaar
397 Little Lonsdale Street,
8:30 PM
$5 on the door