Living Spaces concert series - Carni - from 1 June 2008

forwarded from Simon Charles:

Concert Series:

Living Spaces

Free Music Ensemble:

Ros Bandt- tarhu and electro-acoustic sound

Brigid Burke- clarinet, bass clarinet, laptop and live processing

Simon Charles- alto and soprano saxophones, electro-acoustic sound

with special guest David Shea- samples

On the first Sunday of June, July and August CARNI will host three concerts combining electro-acoustic sound art and live performance.

Using found sounds, original and conventional instruments, the Free Music Ensemble will present new works seeking out creative organisational structures that combine with spontaneity in performance.

On the 6th of July they will be joined by guest artist David Shea (USA).

CARNI Art Space is located within a disused leather-tanning factory, spread over 2000 square meters. Its purpose is to act as an intermediary between the artist and audience functioning as a catalyst for ideas, discourses and new trends in contemporary art and music.

The three programs premiere new works that re-negotiate music notation, incorporating improvisation and mixed media.

3pm on June 1st, July 6th and August 3rd

CARNI, 60 High St Preston

"...with free music we enter the phase of technical maturity such as that enjoyed by the Greek sculptures when all aspects and attitudes of the human body could be shown in arrested movements..."

-The Free Music Statement, 1938, by Percy Grainger


Patch Wrangler said…
It would be good to know what time these performances are, also how long they will be.
Keep up the great work!
Cheers John
clinton said…
The post says 3pm start, but I don't know the duration - I'm just passing on the info sent to me.