Justice Yeldham launches "Birthdays" at Maximum Arousal this Sunday!

Sun 25th May
Toff In Town
252 Swanston Street

Maximum Arousal presents:

+ Curse Ov Dialect
+ Hi-God People
+ MC Purple Duck
+ DJ Hate

Fresh from North American tour and a LOAD records showcase at SXSW Lucas Abela is launching his new JUSTICE YELDHAM LP; BIRTHDAYS. The record consists of two live sets by the maverick amplified-glass player recorded during his & Keg's recent tour of Europe.

His sets have been described as "a trumpet player trapped in a two dimensional universe". By pressing his face and lips against the
glass whist employing various vocal techniques ranging from throat singing to raspberries, he turns disguarded household windows into
crude musical instruments. Resulting in a wide variety of cacophonous noises that are strangely controlled and oddly musical.
Always confounding & on-the-edge this will be Abela's only Melbourne performance!

Also appearing are ethnic hiphop legends Curse Ov Dialect with an all new show, the always entertaining and enthralling Hi-God People, MC Purple Duck & DJ Hate!

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