Arabic Numeral (Any Integer)

hi all,

I'm planning a show based around La Monte Young's 'Arabic Numeral (Any Integer)', aka 'X (for Henry Flynt)' (1960) and am looking for people who might be interested in performing.

For those who don't know it, 'Arabic Numeral' is a cornerstone of experimental and minimal music. Its performance consists essentially of repeating a sound / action as regularly as possible for 'a long time'.

there's surprisingly little about this piece on the web but there is some info at

I'm interested in any instrument or sound source, as well as 'silent' (physical/visual) renditions, with the aim of exploring the piece from as many angles as possible.

If you're interested, let me know by commenting, or emailing b.oliver"@"


bxckxtrxdxr said…
Hey Barnaby, found a couple of other useful web references for "[X] to Henry Flynt." Mostly brief descriptions, but also some source quotes from La Monte Young himself about the concept and performance of the piece, as well as its inspiration. And last a solo gong performance of "42 for Henry Flynt" from 1965:
Anonymous said…
Hello. I'm a composer/performer often workin' around Fluxus' compositions, but I never seen the "X for Henri Flynt" score...if someone has an idea may contact me at Let's keep in touch!"