Sabbatical Presents: SCUM NIGHT

12.04.08: Sabbatical Presents the second in our monthly series at the Afterdark: SCUM NIGHT. On this occasion we have sought to bring together a pungent crew of Melbourne’s finest direct from the sewer. Krystkrvstoffiston (depressive BM inspired ambient filth duo), Pissbolt (members of Dad They Broke Me thrash unit), Collapsed Toilet Vietnam (improvised scum-wall quartet), Pathetic Human (Siege-mold ultra-youth HC), and Odiusembowel (Gross-out grind trio, known to play a fucking Terrorizer cover live!) will all offer uniquely diseased takes on genre moves resulting in unparalleled filth. Good times are assured, and will begin at 8:30 PM. Five bones in at 565 High Street Northcote.