Yamaha Felt Hammer Festival


FELT HAMMER MARCH 08 features:
New Buffalo, Muscles (Acoustic), Rachel Unthank and The Winterset (UK), Jane Badler + Sir, Sophie Brous with Paul Grabowsky, Anthony Pateras, Lullatone (Japan), Cor Fuhler (Holland), Guy Blackman, Little Red, Crayon Fields, Andrea Keller Quartet, James Rushford + more...

Felt Hammer is about taking the formality out of the piano and bringing new music into the city centre. Felt Hammer is not only a chance for pianists to play in one of Australia’s most unique and intimate venues but also for much-loved musicians to try out their music on a Yamaha Grand Piano for the first time. Felt Hammer presents a cross-section of the best music being made in Australia right now, from show tunes, to honky tonk poptimism, contemporary classical, jazz and

featuring members of Art of Fighting, Architecture In Helsinki, Little Red, Macromantics, Ned Collette Band, Guy Blackman, Sly Hats, Jessica Says, Ground Components, Smallgoods, Midstate Orange, Lucksmiths and more!
THURS 13th:RACHEL UNTHANK &The Winterset (UK)
SAT 15th: MUSCLES Acoustic + Jessica Says + DJ Anthony Carew (RRR)
SUN 16th: An Evening With ANTHONY PATERAS feat. Maxximal Paterrorist (duo with Max Kohane), Pateras Baxter Brown and The Good Doctor (solo synth)
MON 17th: Andrea Keller Quartet + JAMES RUSHFORD plays Morton Feldman
TUES 18th: Cor Fuhler (Holland), OREN AMBARCHI/Robbie Aveniam duo, Robin Fox's amazing lazer show.
WED 19th: NEW BUFFALO + Guy Blackman
THURS 20th: NEW BUFFALO + Jane Badler with Sir
SAT 22nd: SOPHIE BROUS with 8-piece band featuring PAUL GRABOWSKY
SUN 23rd: LULLATONE (Japan) + Crayon Fields
MON 24th: National Living Treasures (album launch)