Stutter @ Horse Bazaar 12/03/08

This Wednesday the 12th of March Stutter proudly presents...

  • KRYSTOFFKRVSTOFFISTON - simon taylor and Christopher L G Hill ''...corroding twin neck guitar and organ...this is mottled Southern Hemisphere Black & White Metal!!!! other project ST John's Ambience, MOFFARFARRAH, Collapsed Toilet Vietnam, White Horse, MofHoRah, Malakat, Slotholith, 1/16th headed, Dumb Crystals, Paeces, MFFRvsBNS, EOH,Kimberly, Bohemian Knights, Alley oops (ex-Slam Dunk!) and Half man Half Moffafarrah...''

  • Michael Prior & Lachlan Conn - drone / primitive electronics

  • Francis Plagne / Marco Fusinato / Joe Talia - guitars, electronics and drums. expectation frustrating dynamics meet blue humans noise/rock blare...

@ Horse Bazaar
397 Little Lonsdale Street, Melbourne
8:30 PM
$5 on the door.