PINGS (Simon Whitehead and Barnaby Oliver)

PINGS springs directly from the geographical distance between two collaborators. Working from their locales they explore the physical space between them through rivers and air and a range of other terrains with their own qualities, such as the web, phone, post, and less tangible links of memory and synchronicity.

Since January 2008 the two artists began an ongoing exchange of performance and materials from their local rivers in Abercych, west Wales and Melbourne, Australia. Although a few thousand miles apart they share the intention to regularly meet and approach their rivers as an unbroken body of water through which they correspond. Their instincts are improvisational and over time they have been building a body of performance material from these shared events. Linked by their shared intentions and the physical rivers this material (in sound and image) begins to create its own character responsive to season, the time of day, the level of water and the meandering presence of each artist.

This unedited material is then shared through the net and snail mail and the artists now invite you to subscribe to these events through podcast, email and post.

You may visit the project archive online, and subscribe to PINGS as a podcast / rss 2 feed, at

PINGS is funded by an Artsadmin (London) 'Roaming' Bursary.