Thursday, 6 March 2008

Maximum Arousal this Tues Mar 11

Tue Mar 11
The Toff
Level 2
252 Swanston St

Melbourne based 'fractured kaleidoscope pop sound artist extraordinaire' Francis Plagne's work combines electronics, field recordings, instrumental improvisation and 'sweetly awkward psych-pop'. In this performance he will appear alongside Connal Parsley, Joe Talia, Ned Collette, Anthony Pateras, members of Snawklor and others, in a set swinging between the accessible, the awkward and the adventurous.

POLETO PRA (Pateras/Fusinato)
Visual artist and extreme noise practitioner and enthusiast Marco Fusinato and compositional and prepared instrumental genius Anthony Pateras join forces appearing respectively on electronics + guitar and analogue synthesiser, promising a set of carefully nuanced brutality.

The Ancients is the child of Mum Smokes members Jon Mitchell, in which full reign is given to his ability to craft charming and formally experimental pop miniatures, accompanied by full band.

Christina Tester is a young sound artist who explores everyday materials and the human voice. At the Toff she presents a work for highly amplified kitchen materials

This is clearly a night not to be missed!!


Upcoming Arousals:

Tue Mar 18 -
Cor Fuhler (Holland)/Oren Ambarchi/Robbie Avenaim trio
Robin Fox Multi Laser extravaganza

Sun Mar 23 -
LULLATONE (Japan) + Crayon Fields

Sun Mar 30 -
MIBEM Festival featuring:
Jerome Noetinger (France)
Lucas Simonis (Holland)
David Chesworth/Sonia Leber duo

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