The Boy Who Spoke Clouds & Quint @ The Empress

If you are free this Sunday evening make sure and check out this show.

Sunday March 9th @ The Empress
714 Nicholson St. North Fitzroy.
Doors 7:45pm. $5.00
First band on stage by 8pm.
Finishes 10pm.

The Boy Who Spoke Clouds

The Boy Who Spoke Clouds began as the solo project ofAdam Casey, guitarist and singer of the now defunctSeascapes of the Interior. Slowly it has evolved invarious formats, currently a 5 piece featuringacoustic guitar, banjo, piano, accordion drum-kit andethereal vocal harmonies. Exploring the full dynamicrange of acoustic instrumentation, proving that a bandcan sound large and harrowing without amplification.The ensemble engages in the pummelling sound ofartists such as the Swans and Godflesh, but attemptsto achieve the same fullness with acousticinstruments. The combination of these disparatemusical traditions unite into a glorious whole, takingthe audience on a dark journey into the humancondition.


Quint is a new project created by Zac Keiller &Barnaby Oliver to explore improvisational music in alive setting. There are no rehearsals, and no priorthought. The only plan is to follow the creation ofmusic and/or sound wherever it may lead.Hope to see you there.Zac Keiller.