Thirds - Figure 6 ex. 2 :: Free MP3 Release

01. Colu (9:16)
02. Lii (29:27)

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"Like the drone and throb of industry; like robotic mothers, sending children to sleep with slow industrial lullabies. Time stretched and hung up through points in aural space, spanned far apart, teased out into threads, and then compressed to a singularity, a wall of shimmer and chorus.

Thirds creates ambient soundscapes via two meandering, expansive, pieces that sound like the echoes of dead refineries, empty but inhabited with all the frequencies left hanging. This is haunting, depth-charged music, a unique wall of sound created with time stretching techniques that render instrument samples so unrecognisable, they...become. And are reborn as the spirits in the machinery, slowly advancing and gliding through a dark, deep, long abandoned space, somewhere in the depths, somewhere in the night, lit only by phosporescence and static."