Stutter presents Y35.3 Big Band, Collapsed Toilet Vietnam, Helmethead and Jack the Rapper @ Horse Bazaar 16/01/08

Horse Bazaar is proud to present: STUTTER.
A new, weekly night of experimental/unpopular/avant-tard/acoustic/electronica/call-it-what-you-will, music and performance madness. Every Wednesday night from 8:30pm (except the last Wednesday of each month which hosts Outpost).

The evening will feature live acts from the entire planet of noise, and kicks off next week, Wednesday the 16th of January.

Details are as follows:


Big Band - Mark Skelton & Sasha Margolis. Two piece Noise unit. Feedback loops, gaffa tape, radios and home shopping network introductory cassettes. Featuring special guests on the night.

Collapsed Toilet Vietnam - " Pete Hyde (vox), Simon Taylor (broken guitar & amp), Mark Groves (1-stringed bass) and Rob Mayson (collapsing drum kit). It could be said that this project is our means of taking our Fear of God worship to the stage, but in reality it is a method of performing shit music on even shittier instruments on even shittier amps as loudly as possible with minimal rehearsal time..."

Helmethead - Rod Cooper & Anthony Magen - an audio visual live performance where hand held images and found objects are combined with a fast chaotic blanket of audio.

Jack the Rapper - Living on the Gold Coast, Belgian performance artist Jacques Ambach will be doing his first ever show in Melbourne at Horse Bazaar.

when: Wed Jan 16 8:30pm

where: Horse Bazaar
397 Little Lonsdale Street
Melbourne 3000
Melway reference (43 G7)

cost: $5

upcoming shows:

January 23: Psychedelic Desert (Japan), Robin Fox & Dave Brown, Buttress O'Kneel
January 30: Outpost
February 6: Broken Signals - Zac Keiller & guests TBA
February 13:
Carolyn Connors Solo, Rod Cooper & Sean Baxter Duo