Stutter @ Horse Bazaar 23/01/08

Performing at Stutter at Horse Bazaar this Wednesday the 23rd of January:

  • Buttress O'Kneel
  • Robin Fox & Dave Brown
  • Psychedelic Desert (Japan)

Buttress O'Kneel - Splendid Magazine calls her ''a media guerilla, working from the underground trenches and subverting copyrights while creating politically charged audio collages from pop music and news footage... She is People Like Us or Negativland with a world conscience.''

Robin Fox & Dave Brown - Channeling electric ghosts, Fox and Brown turn sound upside down. The pickups tear the guitar strings out and electronic devices suck auroras through the speakers.Watch your ears, they could be your stomach.

Psychedelic Desert (Osaka) - ''Japanese noise ambient group Psychedelic Desert bring you the desert of electronica --blip-less, atmospheric, and eerie soundscapes...''

where: 397 Little Lonsdale Street, Melbourne
8:30 PM

Also worth checking out is this broadcast on Sun 27 on Radio National:

Buttress on the Night Air for a post O$tralia day mash

8:30 Sunday night on January the 27th, ABC Radio National will feature Buttress O'Kneel's epic 2007 mash-up, ''Dear Fellow Australians''.

Using 100% Aussie music and drawing on a diverse range of media sources from radio documentary, talkback and opinion pieces, eventful public performances of the national anthem, and some pretty nasty Cronulla race-riot actuality, she constructs a dynamic montage of mixed messages about 'Australian' values.

Or as Buttress herself describes it 'Its part rally-cry, part lament, and part glitch-core docubreak intellectronica party mix!' So hang onto your armbands because with a topic as contested as 'nationhood' some words and ideas in tonight's program may offend some listeners. for podcast streams music details weblinks and rss for extra downloads