Undue Noise is an informal collective of central victorian artists using experimental sounds and video. We usually have performances in Bendigo and sometimes in Castlemaine. For the first time our sounds can be heard in Melbourne. Some of us are performing at the Make It Up Club on Tuesday night, December 4. Upstairs @ bar open, 317 brunswick St Fitzroy 8:30pm $7/5

* Simon Howard - merges improvised acoustic instruments (Trumpet, Guqin) with computer based possibilities
* Drumheller - Rob Wrigley’s layered guitar loops and improvised noise
* Jacques Soddell – laptop-based electroacoustica
* Neon Mars Guitars - guitar improve trio – Justin Bull, Brett Marshall & Mathew Underwood
and then (not from central victoria)
Drummer extraordinaire Ken Eadie form Brisbane making a special trip to team up with local sonic investigators; Marc Hannaford - piano, Scott Tinkler - trumpet, and Ren Walters - guitar. A night of particular and peculiar electro-acoustic music constructed on the spot, for yours and our aural pleasure.

We have a myspace page at