Black Lotus Xmas Party - Wed 12/12/07 @ Horse Bazaar

Next Wednesday evening the Black Lotus elves embrace the festy season by hosting a Black Christmas party. Why? The glorification of commercial hype, religious persecution, historical improbability and the need to be just plain nice for once!

Expect an acid explosion of electro propaganda muddled with cyber-folkstep, breakcore au go go, rave stabs, melodramaticpopular songs, funk funk, screamo jazzanova and traditional Xmas carols.

Handbag/Abba - (Germany)

The Dagger Brothers - (UK)

Pig + Machine - (Japan)

Buttress O'Kneel - (Melbourne)

Cat Grrl - (Wagga)

Dj Brion Maiden - (Bacchus Marsh)

Visuals by Arse'n'All & Misconceptian

Where: Horse Bazaar 397 Lt. Lonsdale St., Melbourne
When: 8pm - 1am
Door: $7/$5 conc