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Something I'd been meaning to record for a while, technically this is Screwtape's first "concept" piece.
On 24/8/2004, the Ascot Vale Uniting Church in Moonee Ponds (between Glenroy and Melbourne) was torched. While the main part of the outer building remains upright the interior was totally devestated. The arsonist, one Novak Majstorovic, who was 18 at the time, told police he did it in homage to one Christian Vikernes, aka Varg Vikernes, aka Count Grishnahk, who was held responsible for a spate of church burnings in Norway around 1992/93. Majstorovic was apparently a big fan of Vikernes's solo Black Metal/ambient project Burzam. The media gave very little information away apart from the fact that Majstorovic managed to get through a bottle of scotch at a party and decided to burn the church to cap off his evening.
I had passed by the remains of the church a couple of times on the tram and went out there a few months back to take photos. It's fenced off of course and I wasn't able to get any good pictures of the inside. Looking at them at home I decided to put together a piece of sound for it. I've only just recently finished it.
As well, please inspect the photos accompanying the piece at


"Lucifer, Great Artist"

Light bit of confection I tossed off this morning after hearing Stockhausen
died. Samples taken from "Klavierstucke" and "Mikrophonie".