Hi-God People/Zond split 12"

Forwarded from Spanish Magic:

....it's finally ready!!! just before christmas... well we're still making the covers but we have a heap!

the Spanish Magic label presents:
a limited edition split 12'' vinyl LP by
Hi God People and Zond

recorded at 3CR studio and live at the Palace

available now from Missing Link & Title in Melbourne.
other stores around AUS soon!

in the meantime you can order via paypal to: spanishmagic@hotmail.com or you'll find the address for money orders here: http://www.spanishmagic.org/contact.html .

the website will be updated shortly!

launch at the Toff in Melbourne on 13th Jan & Sydney TBA!

The Hi God People side was recorded around the same time as their previous 12 inch split with New Zealanders the Dead C. It has live snippets from a show at the Palace and recordings from a radio 3CR session. Mind boggling dementia pop!

Then there's Zond, named after a satellite of the USSR. But Zond are broadcasting dark ecstasy, not from space but from a place far below.
They are a Rorschach blot or a Freudian analysis gone wrong. This is Zond's first release.

Spanish Magic are overwhelmed with admiration for these two bands... We asked the two bands a year and half to two years ago now and it's finally happening... patience is a virtue? well the genius on this 12'' is worth all the patience in the world!

The artwork on the 12'' is a mixture of numerous screens, spray-painted stencils and hand-carved stamps. Time consuming stuff... but well worth it. In the words of some, 'unusually PAINstaking''. Each is different to the next. The first batch of covers was damaged in the 2007 Newcastle floods - the office was under water and a car floated down the street outside.



Greg Wadley said…
The bands are launching this record at the Toff in Town, Swanston st (above the Metropolis store), on Sunday night, 13th Jan. This is part of the Maximum Arousal series of shows. The launch line-up is:

Hi God People
Mutual Loathing
Kynan Lawler
Greg Wadley said…
... Also if all goes well we'll do a couple of interviews this week which may be of interest .. on 3PBS on Monday 7th Jan a little after 11pm (Left of the Dial show) and Wednesday 9th somewhere between 10pm and midnight (Dance Cadaverous show) -Greg