Posting Etiquette

Please try to follow these guidelines when posting/commenting here:

1 - Only post information about events occuring in Victoria, with emphasis placed in and around Melbourne. You can also promote new CDs, etc from Victorian artists. You can also post general discussion threads on subjects relevent to experimental music in Melbourne.

2 - The definition of "experimental music" is controversial and subjective, but I can tell you what I don't want to see here under the banner of "experimental music" - dance music, run-of-the-mill heavy metal/thrash, punk, mainstream music that's a bit quirky, jazz, dubstep, etc. What is acceptable includes electro-acoustic, sound art, sound-based installations, improvisation, noise, ambient, instrument builders, free jazz, some 20th century classical/New Music. Only send electronica if there is a significant experimental element to it; bascially, if you can describe it with a label or genre (i.e. - dubstep or IDM), it's not suitable for this blog. I realise it is questionable whether some of these genres are truly experimental music in the pure sense of the word, but for the purposes of this blog that's what's on and what's not. Basically, if I've invited you to post here, you'll know what I mean. Also have a look at this discussion on What is Experimental Music.

3 - Follow the following format in posting: put the date, name of the event and main artists in the subject field of the post; include details in the main body, including venue location, URL/street address, cost, contact details for further info.

4 - Please feel free to use the Comments function to add extra info on a posting, including reviews if you attended the event/purchased the CD.

5 - No personal abuse please. It is OK to say you hated a performance or CD, but leave the personal abuse out. Trolls and repeat offenders will be banned at my pleasure.

If you want to have posting rights, email me

(edited October 2013).


bxckxtrxdxr said…
Hey All. What would be the preferred formatting for regular experimental gigs. For example, Make It Up Club, Oren's Maximum Arousal series, Bozza and Joe's Outpost and Sophie's Mash Out.

Would a single entry that is regularly updated be preferable to blogging each gig?
clinton said…
Due to how the blog entries accumulate, it would probably be best if there is a new post for each gig, otherwise they will disappear in the archives. Just make sure the series title is in the subject header with the date, and use the tags as well, so you can link through to all other posts for that series. EG make a tag for MIUC, etc.