18.11.2007 - Dulais Dusk - Barnaby Oliver & Simon Whitehead

Barnaby Oliver (Melbourne) and Simon Whitehead (Wales, UK) present Dulais Dusk.

Dulais Dusk consists of a video of Whitehead's guitar at 5-5.45pm GMT on November 8th on the banks of the river Dulais, West Wales. The video will be presented with live sound treatments at 5-5.45pm at Loop Bar (23 Meyers Place) as part of Electundra 2007, and as the first public manifestation of Oliver and Whitehead's next project, PINGS.

PINGS springs directly from the geographical distance between two collaborators. Working directly from their locales they will explore the physical space between them through rivers and air and a range of other terrains with their own qualities – communication links through the web, phone networks, postal, and the less tangible links of memory and synchronicity. The artists will begin an exchange of performance and materials through these various channels as a means of mapping these terrains. Over time this will create a continuous feedback system. As with any feedback system, artefacts (imperfections) are introduced that begin to give us information about the space it occupies – as a tree is bent to the wind or a pebble smoothed by the sea.

PINGS is funded by an artsadmin (UK) bursary.

Dulais Dusk is the latest in the Dulais strand. Dulais Wade and Duck (2006) were created from sound recordings of actions by Whitehead with electric guitar around the Dulais. The resulting recordings were processed and mixed by Oliver. They were originally published with Whitehead's book 'Walk to Work' (shoeless, 2006), and presented as part of a mixed-media installation at the Sonic Arts Network/I-DAT Expo festival (Plymouth 2007). An extract is also available on the String Theory compilation CD (Dreamland Recordings 2007).

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