Three Minute Textures - Richard Pilkington

Three Minute Textures:

Richard Pilkington is an Audio Engineer and sound artist living with mental illness in Melbourne, Australia.

Richard's latest release "Three Minute Textures" features ten tracks of ambient electronics.

Richard says:

"I conceived an idea of a 30 minute album made of 10, 3 minute tracks exploring sound as a textural experience. 

I'd been pondering the idealised pop song length of 3 minutes and how happy I used to be when a whole album used to fit on a single side of a cassette tape.

The resulting album uses an analogue sound source processed through a digital algorithm I wrote in software called Max/MSP.

The combination of analogue signal with digital processing creates a reasonably unpredictable outcome though there are definite boundaries in place.

There was minimal human interaction involved in the creation of the 10 tracks.

I find the resulting sounds while devoid of inherent meaning, express some of the feelings and emotions I experience living with schizophrenia in an abstract way.

The tracks jump suddenly from harmony to discord to chaos which, in a way reflects the uncertainties of my life.

I hope that people can relax in to the chaos and find their own personal meaning within."

Three Minute Texures is available now for download at:
(forwarded from Richard Pilkington)