aRoostercat - White Elephant Arts - 9 Dec 2011

presented by black dOOR and PA_ON_RECORD
black dOOR and Pa_On_Record present
a launch of black dOOR
with glittery shiny infinite sound excitement by
Company Fuck
Crenel Shrimp Cocktail Party
People Person
Company Fuck;
one man karaoke noisecore explosion living in a border-less avant retard territory.
Crenel Shrimp Cocktail party;
soundwalker, soundmaker, diy sound gadget builder, experimenter, Anthony Magen's collaboration with likely and unlikely minded others create a new filed of sound realm.
People Person;
A duo consist of Nathan Gray (visual artist, member of the snawklor and the French) and Julie Burleigh (the French). People Person was formed in Berlin earlier this year and have since played in Germany and Indonesia. People Person make their first appearance in Australia at he black dOOR launch! thus, double celebration.

White Elephant Arts
286 Albert Street
Brunswick, VIC

entry by donation
come and be shined on and get excited.


(forwarded from Akiko Yamasaki)